Electric Fencing Resources

Thinking about putting in an electric fence to keep out wildlife or keep in animals?  Here are some useful links to explore:

Electric Fences to Keep out Bears, by Gillian Sanders :

Gillian can offer cost sharing for some kinds of bear fencing, up to 50 percent of some costs. This is part of her role in the Trans Boundary Grizzly Bear Project

Another useful document from this organization can be found here.

You can contact Gillian at :  grizzlyfencingproject@gmail.com

How to install an Electric Fence from American Fence and Supply Company

Patriot Chargers Fencing Manuals

Ellison’s sells Patriot Chargers.

BC Government Electric Fence Charger Factsheet

BC Government Fence Post Factsheet

various different styles of fence posts, and how to install.

BC Government Electric Fence Factsheet

High Impedance vs low impedance

Safety of Electric Fences