Electric Fencing Resources

Thinking about putting in an electric fence to keep out wildlife or keep in animals?  Here are some useful links to explore:

Electric Fences to Keep out Bears, by Gillian Sanders :

Gillian can offer cost sharing for some kinds of bear fencing, up to 50 percent of some costs. This is part of her role in the Trans Boundary Grizzly Bear Project

Another useful document from this organization can be found here.

You can contact Gillian at :  grizzlyfencingproject@gmail.com

How to install an Electric Fence from American Fence and Supply Company

Patriot Chargers Fencing Manuals

Ellison’s sells Patriot Chargers.

BC Government Electric Fence Charger Factsheet

BC Government Fence Post Factsheet

various different styles of fence posts, and how to install.

BC Government Electric Fence Factsheet

High Impedance vs low impedance

Safety of Electric Fences

Fertilizer/epsom salt

> To whom it may concern >>> >>> I am writing this email to express my disappointment with your business. >>> This is a follow up on our meeting on March 8,2018. You have exploited our >>> trust as a customer. >>> >> > When we came in to purchase Epsom salts,on March 2nd, we were told to pay >>> at the till and the bag will be waiting outside for us. An employee loaded >>> into our vehicle without us seeing what was on the bag. As you are a local >>> business and we have been a customer,we trusted you. >>> >> We bought two bags from your store on different days and both bags were a >>> product yara.com which does not manufacture any bath supplies, see >>> attached link >>> >>> yara.com/ >>> >>> www.yaracanada.ca/en/ >>> >>> On Thursday March 8, the three of us came into your store to inform you >>> that we have been sold fertilizer by mistake, and that the person who >>> bought the product delevoped rashes around their eyes which alerted us to >>> look into the details on the bag you sold us. We were told that this >>> product is used for both bathing and fertilizing. We showed the manager >>> that it says the chemicals in this product can cause cancer…she left to >>> go find out info and left us standing there for approximately 13 minutes >>> when a male employee came and spoke with us but seemed uninformed and could >>> not tell us anything about this product. >>> >> During our wait, another employee asked us if we were being helped, when I >>> told her that this product is not for bathing and has cancer causing >>> chemicals in it, they said “oh” and walked away without looking at the >>> package or saying another word to us. >>> >> >> There was no apology and your interactions with us was without remorse or >> compassion. We said several times that we were not happy with how we were >> being treated or how this was being handled. We left unsatisfied and >> disappointed. While we were in the parking lot, the manager, Sue, came >> out…not to see us but to turn her car lights off. She stopped to say that >> she would be doing research on the product. At this point we were upset and >> disappointed that the gentleman who was affected had not even received an >> apology. I had to ask for an apology which she gave, although in our >> opinion, it lacked authenticity. >> >>> >> >>> We called poison control and gave them the manufacture’s details and >>> composition of contents. They advised to stop using the product >>> immediately since the person developed rashes. >>> We then called yara and asked them if they manufacture bath products, >>> the answer was an obvious “no” >>> >> I these bags are still there and although the sign is down, it is still >>> being sold as Epson salts. >>> >> >> You chose to not inform the public of your mistake. My concern is for the >>> customers, who have trust in your store, have bought this product and may >>> have had reaction too, or may just keep being exposed to these toxins for a >>> long period without their knowledge. >>> >> >>> As a business, it is your ethical duty to inform buyers of vital >>> information regarding your products. If I am a buyer and you are selling an >>> agricultural product as a bath product, you need to inform me. >>> >> As a business, what you did is an unfair practice and a deceptive act >>> to not give your customer accurate information about the product and not >>> take resposibility when they reach out to you. We should have been informed >>> that the “Epson salt” was actually an agricultural fertilizer and given us >>> the choice as to whether we wanted to purchase it or not. We would have >>> declined had we known. >>> >> Sue told us that we would receive a >>> call either the same day ( March 8) or the next day at the latest. We >>> have yet to receive a call or have any contact with Ellison’s. This is >>> unacceptable to us. The gentleman who was affected has special needs and >>> has been a customer for 10 years. We have waited a week with no response >>> from anyone from Ellison’s. >>> >> As for doing research about the product, obviously the research should >>> have been done before the product was allowed to be sold to your customers. >>> >> I personally would like to see all the customers who has been sold this product be contacted and told this information. A third party contacted your distributor on our behalf and they were informed that you had assured the distributor that you were dealing with us directly. We are confused by this statement as we are still waiting to hear a response from you. We hope to have some resolution to this issue. Response is required Tanya and Anshulee