It’s time to…..

compost han21

Learn all about backyard composting, worm composting, and Bokashi composting at our free workshop this Saturday!    Ellison’s composting specialist Bruce Edson will talk about how to avoid wildlife ,the biology of compost, the benefits of compost, and more.  Get up close and personal with our demonstration bokashi and worm bins.  See you on February 6th at 11 AM.





Now taking orders…..


West Coast Seeds have an amazing variety of seeds available!   Drop by, Phone or email us your order for free shipping on size A packets.  Weekly orders arriving, order deadline every Saturday afternoon.   Check out the West Coast catalog here – it’s that easy!  (Well, getting the seeds that is….)

Also, Rene’s seeds are now in with more brands arriving daily. We also still have limited amounts of last years stock available on special.