Canning Workshop – Aug 27, 11 AM

Homemade preserves sitting on a rustic table outside. Pickes, tomatoes, appplesauce, etc.

Why not try canning this year? Ellison’s is offering a free canning workshop on Sat, Aug 27 at 11 AM in our Cafe. Bev Dunfield will tell us all about canning methods and answer your questions to give you confidence in your canning adventure.

Aug 27, 11 AM – Ellison’s Cafe

The Benefits of Neem Meal

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We now have Neem Meal, an excellent fertilizer and pathogen reducer.

“This soil amendment is twofold. It will provide a better crop yield because it will provide the nutrients that crops need. And two, it helps to cure diseases and will control the growth of nematodes and harmful plant pathogens. Plus, the crop yield is higher when using Neem cakes than with any other fertilizer; at between 15-25%.”




Gardening Expert Panel Workshop

10397830_844265605659122_581967978923896471_nHave a question about gardening? Want to learn more about a particular topic? Don’t miss out on the chance to ask Nicole and Lori from Lettuce Lawn and Garden all your garden related questions this weekend. Our Gardening Expert Panel workshop will also include life long gardener Sue-Anne Smith. 11 AM Saturday, April 23 at Ellison’s Market. No charge.

Seedy Saturday Door Prize Winner

seeds door prize


Sandy McMahon (left) was one of the door prize winners at the Seedy Saturday event this weekend.  Ellison’s donated two “Air-Pots” filled with all sorts of gardening supplies. Air-Pots create optimum root development through oxygenation of the soil and stop  plants from becoming root bound.  Also visible in the pot is ‘Beetle Frass’, a new product we are carrying with similar benefits to worm castings.  Why not drop by the store this week and get some garden inspiration!